Saturday, July 31, 2010

Makin' Baby Food

So I don’t know how I managed to not go on and on about how I’m going to make baby food. Oh yeah, pregnancy brain. So it’s a good thing you ladies are on top of shit and reminded me after the How to Save Money on Your Expensive Baby post.
What I am about to tell you may make you hate me, but please don’t. I have this.
So, I look like a total hypocrite because I own a little machine that cost $149.99 to make baby food for like 6 months. But in my defense, I also didn’t already own a blender, a steamer or that basket thingy that you can use to steam and if we’re being really honest, I’m just lazy as fuck. And I just wanted it, ok?

I actually got a HUGE Kenmore Food Processor for my second baby shower and I came home and cried about it. Like an infant. I was being a piss pants because it was gigantic and I keep the Pizza Pizazz, Toaster Oven and Waffle Maker in my bathroom cabinet because I just don’t have the room for everything in the kitchen. It also didn’t help that I was obsessed with this damn little machine because it’s so easy and all-in-one and a camel can make baby food with this thing. I mean, I haven’t figured out what flash freezing is yet and I didn’t want to make this baby food making adventure harder than it had to be because I know I would have just given up and spent money on expensive Earth’s Best jarred food. And then I would have to move in with one of you because that shit adds up. So I returned it and bought the Babycook instead.

Here’s why I had to have the Babycook:
1. I don’t know how to cook. Or puree (those Dole Frozen Smoothie packs put me to shame) and I don’t know how to steam either. Did I mention it defrosts and heats? The Babycook does all this shit in one machine. I just press some buttons and poof! Homemade baby food. I like this.
2. It’s BPA Free.
3. I don’t like doing the dishes. When I first convinced everyone I need this machine I had no dishwasher. I know right, who lives like that? So washing pots and pans and crap as often as I would have to did not appeal to me. Lazy, remember? However, 6 days ago we figured out that our dishwasher wasn’t broken and that Jordan forgot to turn on the power to it so we have a dishwasher now but it’s THE SMALLEST DISHWASHER IN THE HISTORY OF MAN. I can fit 3 plates and a fork in it. So I’m thinking that the Beaba is still the clear choice.

I also received the book, “Super Baby Food” (Second edition) by Ruth Yaron and it’s basically an Idiot’s Guide to making baby food and has recipes so you don’t poison your kid if you don’t know the difference between ingredients or that generally, food companies don’t make products in other languages to confuse you. It’s been super helpful in clearing up a ton of questions I had about when to start solid feeding and what is appropriate at what age and other stuff I’m too embarrassed or don’t know who to ask.

My plan is to use the Beaba Multiportions thing and some glorified ice cube trays to freeze and then transfer the frozen cubes to plastic bags with labels and dates. Love labels and dates. I also read that you should wrap them individually in Saran Wrap or that Glad Press and Seal stuff so they don’t stick together or get freezer burned. I’m just going to do this since I just do what I’m told.

I also read somewhere that babies who are forced to eat what you’re eating are less likely to be picky. So before I add seasonings and crap I’ll just blend a baby version of our meal so Jillian won’t know she has a choice. Choices are not a good thing for children in my experience. Like my whiny ass husband who tells people he’s allergic to onions, celery and tomatoes because he doesn’t like them. He was given a choice. I do not want to deal with this shit with our children too. You didn’t think that I just don’t use the food he’s “allergic” to, did you? Ha. It delights me to watch him eat food with very finely chopped onions in it. It’s just a little win for me on the days I feel like sucker punching him.

There’s a small hiccup in this crazy plan of mine. Jillian is due in September. The most inconvenient time ever for her Wisconsin Momma as far as homemade baby food making goes. All the good fruit and vegetables are out of season. Fudge. I’m going to try to make it to the Farmer’s Market a few times before they pack up for the Winter and learn to freeze crap so I can use it during the effing snow season. Obvs there are some things that shouldn’t be messed with so I’ll just supplement those foods with Earth’s Best jarred baby food.

I have about 8 months to wait before I can even see how things are going to go. Here’s to hoping it’s a breeze. In the meantime, tell me all about your baby food making adventures if you do it or plan to. You know, even if you don’t make your own, tell me what you feed your baby when they eat real food. I don’t know because I’m a lame Momma.


Betsy said...

I don't hate you, I envy you!! I think the Babycook is the COOLEST thing out there right now. I mean, you can steam, defrost, reheat, mush it all up, it does EVERYTHING!!!
So Quinten is 6 months old and he eats rice cereal and oatmeal and has been for about a month. I recently started adding some Gerber baby food into his diet. He loves sweet potatoes and he loves prunes! I would love to make my own baby food, and I will once he starts eating a little more. I don't know how to steam food either :)
I can not wait to hear more about the Babycook!

Betsy said...

P.S. You are NOT a lame Momma :)

Raquel said...

@Betsy- Look on Craigslist or Craiglook. I saw some on there for like $75. That's like a 50% off coupon. I love sweet potatoes too! It takes a lot of will power not to eat the baby sweet potatoes in the cabinets.

Mama D said...

I plan on making Jillian's baby food as well. Except when she starts eating baby food in November it'll be winter.. and winter in RI equals no fresh fruits and veggies from my local area.

On a second order of a business, I thought of you in real life... I saw these in Babies R Us and legit thought of you -- You need to buy this for Jillian. (Personally, I like the mat and the blocks)

Brandy said...

I admit to being dazzled by this too, but since we already have a BIG food processor and two hand held ones I couldnt justify it. So all I really need to do is plop down the ten bucks for a steamer and Im golden.

My bff just froze all of her food in regular ice cube trays, this was 15 years ago when people didnt have a zillion options or regular access to the internet. (Yes, she was a teen mom.She was nothing like any of the moms from the show though.)

Raquel said...

@Mama D- I fucking love farm shit. I seriously just replaced that play mat with the non-farm one I had registered for. I love you for this.

@Brandy- You're jesus. I would get pissed off about all the components and dishes and give up.

JC said...

The Beaba is definitely cool. I have one of their multiportion trays and they are SO EASY to use. I don't wrap in Saran wrap or anything because Henry eats everything SO quickly! He is at the age where he has mixtures, especially to slip the meat by him, so I just pull out enough fruits and veggies for the day (the night before) and allow them to defrost in the refrigerator. Pretty much once each month I spend a day making his food. "They" say not to have the food in the freezer longer than 3mo and it is best if you use it within a month - so I try to keep myself from making a year's supply each time knowing full well that he is itching to get to the real people food ASAP. Also, as I talk to other moms with 4-10 mo olds they all have different experiences, theories, and feelings toward solids/purees and I think you just have to use what is best for you and your baby. EarthsBest is 0.79 per jar where I live (for Stage 1 teeny jars!) and the Beaba pays for itself in the first month alone!!! Even if we buy all of his food at Whole Foods we are saving money ... Have fun with it!!!

ps - I LOVE labels too. I go nuts with the breastmilk bags. It is sad.

Betsy said...

Mama D knows where it's at! Quinten has the Skip Hop Funky Farmyard Plush Chimes,, and he absolutely loves them! They are hanging from his car seat and we call them his "friends." Definitely get those too :)

Alecia said...

I really want one of these now. Gonna start looking on craigslist. So excited!

Brandy said...

Oh I regularly want to put every thing in my kitchen in a big box on the curb! The reason we have two hand held blenders is because my mom forgot she bought us one and bought us another. So of course we kept both.
The reason we have the giant food processor is because I wanted a small one and someone thought that I since I wanted the small one I would like the big one even better. WRONG. I dust it more than I have used it.

Amy said...

I love that thing, but I don't think we'll get one because we have no counter space. We would probably have to re-do our kitchen (something we are dying to do, but can't afford) just to have a place to keep it. I do plan to make baby food (haha, I'm not even pregnant yet) and blend up whatever we eat (minus seasoning) for the same reasons as you! I also think it is so much healthier than jarred food as there are no preservatives or words I can't pronounce. Good luck!

Maranda said...

I don't even HAVE a baby and I want this! Making the puppy's food has me wanting to make baby food for our future children. I want to get pregnant right now so I have an excuse to buy this!!

KimR said...

I use Beech Nut and some Gerber foods. I like preservatives because that means I could use the bazillion coupons I got at a baby expo to stock up on baby food before Aubrey could even eat baby food. Ya know what's better than homemade baby food-FREE baby food!!


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