Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Organic Food Pusher, the Hypocrite

I know you’re just dying to hear more about this gal after the Wisconsin panther argument. I don’t even go to get the mail when it comes anymore because that’s her favorite time to corner me and beat me into organic submission.

She wasn’t always bat shit crazy either, so I don’t know what the eff her problem is. We went over to her house for dinner a few months after we moved in. When we first bought the house we ripped EVERYTHING up/out/off and restarted from the studs so J and I lived out of ONE room with our pets at the time, 2 dogs and 3 cats. Most of the subfloor had to be replaced in the kitchen so we had a fridge, our room and a bathroom with cold showers and that’s it. We lived off of Lunchables and unbearable 10 minute showers for like 5 months.

Anyway, Organic Food Pusher had been over before because she was nosy and J is friendly so she knew we didn’t have that impressive of accommodations or food selection and invited us over for dinner. We had homemade Macaroni and cheese with hotdogs and Coca-Cola. None of which is organic. See, OFP wasn’t always an organic food pusher. Nope, she was slingin’ back Cokes and munchin’ on Cheetos like the rest of us.

OFP decided to jump on the organic bandwagon fairly recently… for her health. She’s 70 something. And a smoker. It’s always quite the treat when she spews out facts about all the chemicals in processed food and pesticide on fruit and then lights up a cig. Damn hypocrite.


Deals, Steals and Heels said...

please tell me she has a wicked raspy voice...in my head she does!! if it makes you feel better...we don't have neighbors who try and convert us to organic...but they did char a big chunk of our yard shooting fireworks!

Raquel said...

@Deals- She kind of does, but it has this weird lisp twist to it too. No OFPS? Lucky!


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