Thursday, July 29, 2010

Free gDiaper

Remember when I told you I'm as crazy as "Teen Mom" Farrah's Mom because I'm going to try my hand at cloth diapering? Okay, I sold or returned every. last. disposable. in the house so I kind of have to succeed but anyway...

If YOU are interested in being a hippie with me, you can enter a giveaway here for a FREE gDiaper. Or you could enter and give it to me.

I love free shit and one of these days all this twatting and commenting and friending is going to pay off and I'm finally going to win. I don't even care if it's adult diapers, I will use them. Then I don't have to leave the couch during the TV show I'm watching or any Lifetime Movie. Like "The Client List", did you see it?!



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