Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dreams Really Do Come True

You are not even going to believe this shit. So OMG Mom emailed me since she's going to Hawaii next week (lucky!) and she wants me to do a guest post. Yeah, if I didn't re-read the 137 times I wouldn't believe it myself. Go read her blog now.

Also, on a side note, does anyone else think Craig Ferguson is tasty? Something about his salt 'n pepper hair and accent drive me WILD. Will someone please get me a napkin to wipe off my chair? So hot. Now that I follow him on Twitter (Will someone please pity follow me?) I'm going to convince him to make me his child bride, maybe you can help.


melissa said...

Look forward to reading your guest post! I'm following you on twitter now - and not even a pity follow. How 'bout that? :)

I love the new background!


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