Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Than Just a Baby Comes Out of There: Guest Post

This morning I interrupt your usually profane post to bring you my BFF, Mama D, who wanted you to benefit from her experience with childbirth and the bitch that comes after (not the baby…unless your Miley Cyrus’ mom) kind of like the horrible truths I told you about being fat/pregnant. So go read her blog now.

It dosen’t hurt either that her baby’s name is Jillian too and she actually has a baby and birth experience, unlike me. So she’s going to cover my ass until I can pop my Jillian out and give you the low down on the after effects of a (hopefully) vaginal childbirth and the spray bottles and burning sensations that come with.

P.S. Teen Mom is on tonight and we’re going to chat about it during commercial breaks HERE. Tell your friends.


Mama D said...

Thanks lady. Looking forward to Teen Mom. The marathon starts at 2 eastern. Me and JBean are ready with our snacks (for me) and ba ba's (for her).


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