Saturday, July 17, 2010


I like to cook/eat. Because, really, aren’t they the same?

I’m a long term grocery shopper too, meaning I like to go once and then be done for like, the rest of the month. So when J starts physically and mentally preparing himself for the marathon shopping event, I’m busy figuring out what the hell I’m going to make (besides Tuna Helper when I’m lazy or don’t feel like doing dishes) that month.

I’m effing bored with my cookbooks and I lost the cover to my crockpot so I found myself an awesome little blog about food/eating. It’s called Annie Eats and she makes me look like a culinary genius. So far I’ve made her:

Louisiana Chicken Pasta – ZOMG you people in the South don’t piss around. This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten and Hubs and I ate it all in one sitting because we’re total fatties and it was that good.
Lemon Chicken – I made this when we had company and I felt like Martha motherfucking Stewart when it came out of the oven all golden brown and crispy (just like the picture). Then I ruined it and had to ask if you eat the rosemary or just leave it alone. Well, at least I looked cool for a little while. Tortellini Primavera – This was good, but a little plain for me. But what do I know? But who the hell loves spinach that much that they use the recommended amount in the recipe? I halved it and still felt like it was EVERYWHERE and I had that shit all up in my teeth.

And Stuffed Shells – Maybe I fudged this recipe or I just don’t like stuffed shells because it wasn’t something that I was thinking about eating before I worked up enough strength to pull myself off the couch. I’m pretty sure it’s probably me, I don’t think I have a taste for ricotta.

I have most of the ingredients for the Shrimp and Feta Mac and Cheese but like I said, the dishes need to be done and I didn’t know friggen know what panko breadcrumbs were at the grocery store and they only had Plain or Italian so I got plain…because I figured that “panko” probably meant plain in Italian or some crap. Turns out, not the same thing. Yeah, I told you I don’t know shit about shit when it comes to cooking. So anyway, I will make it when I find some god damn panko breadcrumbs. God damnit. Like I didn’t feel like a total asshole anyway googling Gruyere cheese* for the same recipe so I wouldn’t look stupid like the last time I tried to make something fancy with Gouda cheese and didn’t know where it was in the grocery store or that the wax around it isn’t part of the cheese. I’m an idiot.

*P.S. there’s a whole “fancy schmancy cheese” section near the deli that usually has this kind of stuff. Believe me, it ain’t by the Kraft Shredded Cheddar so don’t ask the grocery store workers or you’ll look like a turdlette like me.

What are your favorite cooking blogs? Did you know that panko wasn’t Italian for “plain”?


Expressions Paperie said...

I love to cook so I'll have to check out the site.
You can sometimes find Panko in the Japenese/Chinese food aisle.
I found mine at Walmart

Brandi said...

Can you please cook for me? It's not that I don't like cooking, I'm just really lazy by the time it's dinner time. And my husband is not adventurous, and will not cook a new dish all by himself.

We get Panko in the "ethnic" section of our grocery store. Really, they only have Asian and Mexican style food there, but they like to make it sound much more exotic.

Bam said...

I'm like that too! I usually search for recipes on They have a few recipes for each thing, and I usually pick the one that has the least ingredients. On top of that, if there is a step that sounds too hard, sometimes i'll skip it. :) It mostly works out...

melissa said...

Way to go on all the cooking! I don't really like ricotta cheese either.

Check out The Novice Chef - she has great recipes and she's funny too.

Oh, and you can totatlly use the plain breadcrumbs you bought in place of panko in that recipe. Obviously the taste won't be identical but it will work just fine.

Nell said...

omg i added this to my google reader thanks! you can use cottage cheese for shells too.

Raquel said...

@Expressions- Friggen Walmart, they hide the water chestnuts there too.

@Brandi- Yes, come over. We will eat ourselves sick.

@Bam- Until I found Annie Eats, I did the same thing! Ha ha!

@Melissa- I'm going to check it out, thank! I didn't know if I could sub them, but so glad you told me I can.

@Nell- Yes, make everything! So good.

Blane181 said...

Haha, you're comment about Panko not being Italian for plain just had me cracking up! Definietly check the "ethnic" aisle or the Japenese/Chinese aisle, I also think one of the companies that makes plain old breadcrumbs has Panko...but I don't know what company that is. You're welcome.

And did you do anything to the ricotta for the stuffed shells?

Raquel said...

@Blane- See? I totally don't know what I'm doing when it comes to cooking. It's embarrassing really.

Yes, there was ricotta and some sort of chicken/garlic/italian breadcrumbs and spices mixture.

Kelli said...

I like Chef Mommy - she does a lot of baking, which I find more enjoyable than cooking meals

I also like the freezer meals at

And I also like browsing recipes on the Food Network site. A lot of them have too many ingredients, but I have found a few things that I love.

Kristin said...

My friend has a cooking and food blog. It's a bit schmancy for my skills, but it's a great blog:

Breanna said...

This is my favorite of your posts so far. Probably just because you were being totally honest about something that happens to most of it. It made me laugh.

Raquel said...

@Kristin- Thanks for the blog, I'll check it out and see if I can feasible pull anything off.

@Breanna- I try to keep things real, it makes me feel like an ass faced failure when some women are good at EVERYTHING. Like cooking and blow jobs.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping me make my husband think I can cook!
I saw the Louisiana Chicken Pasta recipe on here yesterday morning and since it contained the only five ingredients that my husband will eat - I knew I had to make it immediately.
He LOVED it - and it was super easy. And now he thinks I can cook. (uh-oh)

Raquel said...

@Anonymous-It's friggen amazing isn't it? Mmm. I would probably make Tuna Helper tonight to confuse him.

Anonymous said...

Making that Lousiana Pasta tonight!! Thanks for the inspiration and new meal!! :)


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