Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Everybody Loves Cats

I’m sure some of you took notice of the gobs of animals in the nursery photos and I’m finally ready to tell you about them. By now, you’re invested and you’ll still love me even after you hear my dirty little secret.

I’m Pregnant And…I’m a Crazy Cat Lady.

I have 4. Kate, Hitch, Orphan Annie and Levi. And yes, they all have middle names. Umm, don’t your pets have middle names?! And there's a good chance I can carry on a conversation with them because they talk back to me. They do. But it’s not entirely my fault that we have so many, Jordan enables me. Some women get purses or clothes when their husband’s want them to piss off, mine lets me get cats. Correction, let.
(The black one is Hitch, see his "thumb"? and Kate is the tabby)
I had Kate before I met the Hubs and we got Hitch after moving in together. Kate is really old and Hitch is a polydactyl and he's awesome. And giant, he weighs 18 lbs. If J wasn’t so obsessed with cars at the time, leaving me oh so lonely I wouldn’t have even have been reading the Classifieds and decided that I wanted to get a kitten.

(Levi (the grey one) and Annie's "Mom" watching over them @ 4wks old)

He found Annie and Levi abandoned at like 2 weeks old n the middle of the road after we were living in our house and I raised them from then on, like “stimulating” them to make them pee and poo and feeding them kitten milk replacer with an eyedropper to keep them alive. And our dog Rubi loves them to death and let them nurse on her for like 3 months. Annie still thinks the dog is her Mom. After all that, would you have been able to get rid of them? I didn’t think so. ("The Kittens" now, all grown up)

And I would totally get more. Like the cat that roams around our town. No matter how many times I bait him with wet cat food and try to sneak up and grab him, he just refuses to be part of our family. Damnit, I don’t have an orange one.

Please tell me that you have cats too, even if it’s only one. Definitely tell me if you have more than me so I can convince the Hubs to let me get more.


Heather said...


I have 2 but would have 50 if I could. (I have an orange one!) ;)

Brandi said...

My husband is an enabler too. We have 1 cat (for now...) who is an orange kitty named Cinnamon Toast Crunch (but we just call him Toast). I want another kitty very, very badly, but I'm so far resisting the urge. We also have a 17 year old dog (who is the only pet that was "wanted," I adopted him from the Humane Society 11 years ago this November), an iguana, and 2 ferrets. They all just sort of showed up on the doorstep. I have a reputation for taking things in.

We also have a "waiting list" dog. No joke. Until our old man passes away, my parents (who have slight empty nest syndrome) decided to take in the stray dog that (literally) showed up at our doorstep one night, with no owners to be found. Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's a good chance he's never coming back, even when our old guy kicks the bucket.

You're not alone, crazy cat lady. Just be glad it's just cats!

Steph said...

I just had my first baby on May 3rd, your blog cracks me up!

I also have 6 (yes SIX) furbabies. 3 dogs, and 3 cats. After the baby comes I'd say the dogs are twice as hard as the cats so if I can comfortably handle 3 dogs and 3 cats I don't see any problem with you having 9 cats:)

Raquel said...

@Heather- Come to my house and we'll play with cats all day and catch the orange one

@Brandi- I'm the same way with any animal. I don't think you'll be getting the dog back either.

@Steph- Yay for the baby! Did you poop?

Heather said...

hahah! We will def catch the orange one "c'mere I want to overfeed youuuuuuuu!!" ;)

Nina said...

I have 3 cats and a dog. I could literally talk and carry on a conversation about them all freakin' day. I love them. The oldest (and fluffiest) Mrs. Kitty, has her own side of the bed because I love her so much.

Cats are awesome. And they're so damn cute when they're kittens. SOO hard to resist so no wonder you kept Levi and Annie. They're adorable btw. My boyf says I can't go to petsmart anymore because they have cats for sale and I just cry until I get one. I mean, literally cry. It's sad to see them in those cages and I just want them all!! I'm totally going to be a crazy cat lady!

Raquel said...

My cats lay ALL OVER ME since J won't share his "side". I need my own bedroom so the cats and I can spread out.

I am going to start crying too and then I'll teach the baby to do it and J will have to give in out of sheer embarassment. GREAT IDEA!


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