Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Got to Know You and I Love You All

@Karla-LOVE your naming skills! Hubs wants a bulldog in the worst way too. Is Gideon single? I’m looking to set up Jillian or the Cougster.

@The Smith Family- Umm, love Mason’s room. I know I told you that via the comments but I wanted to tell you again since it should be on Cribs.

@Non Sequitur Chica- I hope you get pregnant tomorrow (if you’re ovulating) and since you recommended “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” which I have on my dresser, I’m actually going to open it and read. If it’s not good, I’ll make you meet me IRL.

@Ashley- You won a giveaway?! So jealous. I can never win crap, not even at bingo. And I would appreciate if you and your husband stop being so cute, it makes me feel bad. Or you can just make cute babies and then we’ll be okay.

@Betsy- Hello, we are BFFs. What cloth diapers do you use? I want to sew too but the sewing machine scares me. You and Quinten have excellent decorating taste. Is he single?

@Mrs. H- Love either name. Baby naming is HARD. Your first movement story is the same as mine. So embarrassing, right?

@Maranda- I’m a total douche and did not make my dog raw food…yet. I feel like we are house soul sisters since we both have popcorn ceilings and your man is handy and fixes your house too. I also need to go camping with you since J is a puss and won’t go.

@Brandi- Holla on the poop scoopin’ boogie! Do you have to pick up garbage too after the animals dig in it for something to eat? LOVE doing that after coming home after a bitch day. And two words, vaginal discharge. …adopt.

@Bukaus- Holy Crap, this Sunday?! Exciting!

@Amanda- Love the blog name! And you’re effing amazing for raising your boy on your own. And please take me to the mothership of consignment shopping. I bet you cook like Paula Deen too. Can we please be friends IRL? I love you.

@AZPartyMamma- I want “Uncle” from the Circus party to be my second husband. And I am sooooo coming to you for help because I want to make this happen for Jillian’s first birthday but with a petting zoo too. I hope I end up being a cool mom like you.

@Bam- You love tubing down rivers too? Love it! Your freckles make me want to eyebrow pencil them on to my own face so I can be just as adorable. Please make babies. My Mom makes strawberry pie like you but she’s not clever and has never put in rhubarb. I’m going to make her to it when she gets back from Alaska.

@Oph- Love weddings, can I come? Love RI houses, can I move in? Love you being a SAHM, have babies soon?

@Aubrey Rose- I can never show the Hubster the “baby” photos of your dogs. In fact, I’m a little disappointed that I looked myself. I need one now. And P.S. you can send me some blueberries. I will love you forever.

@Kaite- Did you twitter that you gave someone a massage on your day off? Red head POWER!

@Expressions Paperie- Go Midwest! Totally don’t judge you for not cloth diapering, I’m just one cheap SOB. Tell your Hubs that the Dr advised you to wait 4 more weeks.

@cbarwife- I hope you get pregnant soon too because there should be a baby out there that is the result of you and your husband breeding. And your cat IS huge and I love it.

@Amy- Yay for another Wisconsinite! Let’s go to the bar and a comedy when I’m not fat/pregnant!

@Sara Lyn- I’m going to go ahead and need you to post your birth story. I also am going to need to give you a dowry for Jillian since your son is beyond cute. Just let me know where to send the goat.

@Kelli- I can totally identify with your Jonas Brothers concert dilemma and it being so close to your due date. Except not with the Jonas Brothers….the County Fair. I think that officially makes me a redneck. I also love that you like all the same TV shows as me, especially Food Network ones. Now I don’t feel like such a Fattie McFaterson. You loved the Grey’s shout just now, right?

@Betsy- I’m going to adopt Maci. No one in my family or J’s family know that I blog but if they got nosy I’m sure they could find it. And I would LOVE it. Then they would probably get mad and I wouldn’t have to talk to them anymore.

@Blane181- I would totally eat the pizza you made, even if it was oddly shaped. I started watching Bethenny Getting Married? because of you and let me just say that I owe you one. Love it.

@Miranda- Know you! You are a Teen Mom chatter! I’m going to move to GA so I can save a ton of money since apparently the cost of living is so cheap! And maybe I’ll get myself an accent.

@JC- You myst love spending time with your own kid instead of other people’s stinky arse kids. Dude, I am going to email you when I have BF/Pumping questions.

@Nell- Law School? If someone were to get into any legal trouble from shit talking, would you be willing to dispense free legal advice? I know a girl who does that. I will punch someone if they’re mean to me or my friends on my blog.

@Alyssa- Love the name Charlie! I soooo wanted to name Jillian that whether she was a boy or a girl but the Hubs was not having it. I also love ear wax, but Jordan won’t let me get his. Can I help you pick Charlie’s ear wax if Jillian isn’t packin’ anything good?

@Brandy- So jealous you have an orange one. How are you not dying not knowing the baby’s sex? Dude, let’s convince our husbands to buy a huge plot of land and we can each build a house on it and a mini barn that we can have tons of animals on and teach our babies about where food comes from and stuff. And then they can get married or be best friends.

@Kelly L- I’m lazy too. And that was a tall order. Sorry. But I wanted to let you know that I vote for Cream Puff. I have a feeling my house looks a lot like your parents’, please don’t hate me. I can’t help myself.

@Kelly L- I can find Iowa on a map! I agree with you about Special K. They are bastards. I will also be attending the Iowa State Fair next year, so as not to miss the unbeatable “Food on a Stick” spread. I also want to thank you for the glorious new deep frying ideas. I love you, let’s be friends IRL.

@Stephanie Rose- I definitely think you should get cable. I feel horrible that you cannot shit talk with us on Tuesday nights. And I also do not support your not changing the ass wipe roll. The Hubster does that sneaky shit where he will leave ONE SQUARE on the roll, so I have to change it. And P.S. We should so do a Grey’s Chat when it returns. You game?

@Sarah- You are a baby factory! I don’t think Hubster will knock me up soon after I “pop out his kid” since I’m a crazy pregnant person. You must be mother effing Teresa as a preggo. Please tell me how you do this.


AZPartyMamma said...

well we did a pony party for my daughter's 3rd birthday (I just haven't posted it yet) ... not totally farm, but we DID have a miniature pony/horse to give the kids rides! Uncle is unfortunately not available :( He has a baby girl due in October.

Sara Lyn @ musings of a mommy said...

Done! Well, part 1 anyway...

And no need for a goat.. if your daughter ends up being any bit as funny as you are, we're in business. Parker likes sassy broads.

KimR said...

Sorry I was too lazy to respond to the original post. But you know I read and luv ya!

Brandy said...

I've always had orange cats it's like OCD can't have any other color!
The main reason we didn't find out the gender was because my sister found out she was having a girl and her baby shower was like an explosion at a Pepto factory. Plus it has to be one of two which are odds I can live with!
ps..I think you read my post (cream puff vs. aged parchment) but confused it with Kelly L.)
She might be very confused as to why your house looks like her parents house!
Oh and I don't hate you if your house is an explosion of colours, I like colour a lot! I neglected to mention the crazy wall hangings and various other things that adorn my parents house that make it feel like a nut house! My bff, her house is many different colours but it looks amazing.

Amy said...

I'm down for the bar anytime...when you're, you know, not knocked up. HA!

This was a really cool idea--I love reading about everyone! :)

Nell said...

LOLof course, but the trolls make me wanna get in trouble and need legal advice myself... you might need legal advice for the cougs later LOL... more cougs stories pleaaaaaaasee LOVE her

Raquel said...

@AZPartyMamma- When you post that party, let me know. I will be all over that shit. Are they happy? If things don’t work out with Uncle and his Baby Mama don’t work out let me know. We can raise our daughters together.

@Sara Lyn- You sure you don’t want a goat? How about a lamb?

@KimR- Sad face. It’s a good thing we love each other so much or I might be ticked.

@Brandy- Fudge, now I look stoopid. At least you got the message though. Cream Puff all the way!

@Amy- We’re so doin’ it. This turned out to be the shit, you’re so right.

@Nell- I can hold the grandchild over her head if any problems arise there. I mean, if it were me that needed the advice. I’ll let my friend know though, thanks.

KT said...

Thanks lady! Ovulation has already happened this month (if it did in fact happen), so now I am just playing the waiting game.

And you will love Steig's books. I promise.

Bam said...

Once when I was little after school one day, I tried to draw freckles on my sister's face with my mom's lipstick so that we would look like twins. It didn't work so I smeared the lipstick all over her face to even it out. This was about five seconds before my mom pulled into the driveway. Good times. Eyebrow pencil probably would have worked better. Despite the fact that I know this is how kids act, we will attempt to make little freckled progeny at some point.

Your mom's from Alaska? That's super cool.

Raquel said...

@KT- Happy pissing on a stick (who are we kidding? Multiple sticks)!

@Bam- So relieved that you will join forces and bump uglies. My mom isn't from AK, she's just there for the Summer with my crazy step dad who is crazy and lives there half the year.

KimR said...

I'm in on the Grey's chats!!!
Did I read something about Stieg Larsson? His books are awesome!! I'm waiting for the 3rd one to come out in paperback cuz I'm too cheap for hardback books.


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