Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Give and Take

So the Hubster found a new toy to buy since our 80's Allis Chalmers lawn mower bit the dust.

If this lawn mower looks a lot like a mini tractor, that's probably because it is. And J looks like a giant on the thing because it's really only like 3 ft tall. The best part? It's going to cost a lot of money so that means I have some new found leverage.

I've thought very carefully about what I'm going to cash it in on and I've decided...

I am going to do this. Except I won't be smoking and I don't use orange daubers since they're boring. I like the neon ones instead.
I'm definately going to make Jordan buy (and monogram) one of these hooded towels for Jillian since I want one so bad it hurts and I can't win one of their giveaways no matter how many times I try.

And I'm entertaining the idea of this. Loving these glazed cabinets. It would cost peanuts too since I would only have to buy glaze and rubbed bronze spray paint. But it's a DIY project and
I'm lazy and even though that lawn tractor is damn expensive, even this task might be pushing it since the Jordanator would have to help me.

If you're married or affianced or just have combined fianances with someone else, do you wait for the other one to buy something stupid so you can get something you want too? It's Jordan and my favorite thing ever!


fitfunandfabulous said...

I just rode my first ever riding lawnmower last weekend. It was a blast!

I have combined finances with the boyfriend, but he makes a TON more than I do, and is paying off my way-too-expensive engagement ring currently. So, if he works his finances so he can afford a special something for himself after my ring and the rent and whatnot, he gets it.

I'll just bask in my free rent and call it a day.

blondeeebuckeye said...

HAHAHAHA i totally do this. he buys fishing equipment, and then i go buy shoes. i see nothing wrong with this, as we are both happy in the end :)


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