Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teen Mom Tonight!

Hello fellow Teen Mom addicts! It's been a long month and a half since I was creepin' and found out that there would be a Season 2 and I would finally answer life's most pressing questions... Will Macy finally leave that shit stain, Ryan? Is Amber really knocked up again? Will Catelynn and Tyler make it out of the trailer park? And why didn't Farrah's Mom beat her ass sooner?

I'll be here on the chat about 10 minutes before the show starts in case there are any problems with signing on and crap and we can continue to chat during commercial breaks...because, honestly, who wants to miss a second of this trainwreck? Not I.



Miranda said...

The most recent of US Weekly has an article on Macy and her new man...and an update on Amber, Farrah, and Catelyn...you gotta get it!

Nell said...

Farrah is such a horrible mother! And didn't it seem like an act with Amber? Why did Tyler get his mom involved before he even talked to Caitlin? Love Maci!

Amanda said...

I'm so sad I missed Chat...no laptob and hubby playing video games meant I couldn't be on the computer and watch Teen Mom at the same time...Teen Mom won.

Farrah was so rotten! Did she really clap loudly to get Mia to stop crying!??!

As much as I love Tyler and Caitlyn...he needs to grow up!! He had to get his mom to tell her she needed to move out (agreed) because he needs space?

Amanda said...

I meant Sophia...don't know where I got Mia from!!

Brandy said...

Am watching the season 2 premier right now!


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