Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rich People Food

I made the Shrimp and Feta Mac and Cheese from Annie’s Eats and I used my panko means "plain" in Italian panko breadcrumbs. I didn’t buy the real pankos afterall, screw buying more food I will use for one recipe. I’m not going to lie to myself…I did that with fresh parsley, dill and rosemary thinking I would continue to make real food and they went bad. Well I think it did, I don’t really know but I wasn’t going to take a chance.

Let me tell you it was one stinky motherfucker. Like rotten feet, just horrible. Why does fancy food always have to be so effing weird sometimes, like snails and gruyere cheese. I mean, Doritos and Hamburger Helper smell and look DIVINE and it doesn’t take you 3 pots and pans, a sink full of dishes and an hour to make. Oh here’s another brief Cougar story that really demonstrates just how uncultured and cheap I am.

While on Spring Break before the roofies, the Cougster, J and I were all talking about dinner and what we should have. Cougster wanted good seafood since we were in Florida and all and I told her how that was a great idea, because I had seen Fish Tacos on the menu at one of the eateries. That’s when I got a mental bitch slap when she said, “Raquel, I meant lobster.” I am one classy gal, here I’m thinking I’m splurging on god damn fish tacos and she’s thinking about ordering a lobster that cost as much as my cable bill. But back to the food.

The smelly sauce was not good, at least to my peasant palette. It was just too rich almost (the taste, not from a cost perspective) for me and ultimately I couldn’t get past the stench. It was like a shower pregnancy fart. The shrimp was really good, but they were ruined by the sauce. Stupid fancy food.

So if you’re fancy like the Cougar, you can try the Shrimp and Feta Mac and Cheese from Annie Eats and if you’re like me, grab a box of tuna helper and add shrimp instead of tuna.


Em said...

Hmm I had this recipe starred in my Reader because it looked yummy. But after your...less-than-pleasant review, I think I'll un-star it for now. My husband doesn't like feta so it probably would have been a bust anyway. Booo rich people food!

Raquel said...

@Em- Looks can be deceiving. I got suckered by the picture too.

Nell said...

glad I like to look at pictures and don't have the attention span for the actually cooking part....

and what time zone are you in for the teen mom chat? and I'm a loser and am excited for jersey shore train wreck.. don't judge me please LOL

Raquel said...

@Nell- I like pictures too since I don't know fancy cooking lingo. Like panko.

I'm central time. Hubster loves Jersey Shore but I can't stand that idiot Snooki, so I don't watch.


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