Monday, July 19, 2010

Damn Hippies

***You are about to read a post that was written not to sound like an advertisement but after reading it over, it sounds a little bit like it. It actually sounds a little like an OFP conversation, but I’m not pushy or judgmental...well not with my friends anyway. And I don’t condemn those who use disposables, I would probably use them if I didn’t have so much time on my hands and nothing and crazy, probably-never-going-to-happen-shit -things to think about because I’m pregnant. So if you don’t care about cloth diapers or why I chose them, you don’t have to sit through my ramblings.***

I’m such a hippie. So on top of all the other “weird stuff” (Hubs calls it that) I plan on doing for our baby, like breastfeeding and making homemade baby food, I am going to cloth diaper. There I said it.

So I had been trying to gently introduce the idea of cloth diapering since we did the nasty and the stick said “Pregnant” and it did not receive a warm welcome. So I stocked up on Pampers, since J thinks that cloth diapering is gross and I should stop being “one of those crazy Moms”. Well this crazy Momma already bought some god damn cloth diapers and returned the Pampers. So there.

The night that I decided that I could probably pull of this cloth shit is the same night the Hubster made me feel like a total idiot about it. He’s mostly worried about what other people think about our (my) choices for our child, so he can suck it. Not a good enough reason. Then I lay in bed thinking about how much extra trouble I am going to put myself through and maybe I’ll just use disposables, I mean, I got the “Sensitive” kind. Then I realized that I was being a selfish asshole because I knew I didn’t want to diaper her in them but I was too lazy to cloth diaper.

It also kept me up adding up the cost of all the cloth diapers since I know I cannot do the old school with pins kind, which is a less costly option. I knew I would need an All in One (AIO) the easiest of the cloth diapering options. I found some on Etsy that were so cute, I almost died. But at $7 a pop, I would need at least 12 if I planned on doing laundry every day, but let’s get real, not going to happen. Then on top of that you need multiple sizes. That’s a lot of jack. So I got out of bed at 5 am and did some more research and found the gDiaper. It’s pretty bitchin’ (for a diaper), it’s a cover with a diaper liner that you throw a cloth liner in and poof, cloth diaper. Then you change the cloth liner and diaper liner if it’s dirty. The best part? You only need a handful of the covers and the diaper liners and cloth liners are pretty inexpensive so I bought a ton and won't have to do the laundry every day. I scored some on Craigslist for cheap. And let’s face it, cheap is right up my alley. Cheap and worrying about probably-never-going-to-happen crap is why I do “hippie” things.

Hubs did bring up some valid points among all that stupid. Like, what about when we travel (not like vacations, we travel to civilization) what are you going to do with all that shit? Touche. So I know I can pull of the gDiapers here at home but pushing my crazy on the people who want to watch her? Can’t do it, J made me feel too bad about it. So in addition to cloth we will be using Earth’s Best disposables when away from the compound, so I don’t look like a skid mark. They’re made with all natural products like corn, to soak up pee. Like the commercial for the corn cat litter where the lady eats it because it’s so natural.

Oh and if you’re rich ass can afford the fancy etsy ones with cool prints, this is the shop I bought one from before jumping on the gDiaper train. And this one has cute prints too. And if you’re interested in gDiapers, because you’re a little bit lazy like me too, check them out here.

What are you slappin’ on ass? Cloth or disposables? Or, what do you plan to use? Know any other "hippies" like me?


Mama D said...

I'm just going to say it: I'm jealous. I just don't have time to cloth diaper since I'm due back @ work in 6 weeks (I make the better cheddar) and RI doesn't have a diaper service (seriously I should open one, I'd be rich). So right now JBean is rockin Luvs. Pampers suck and Huggies fit funny... She literally peed out the side of them...onto me. boo. I think it's awesome that you're going to BF (I am still upset that it didn't work for us even tho I promised myself I wouldn't get bent out of shape) & cloth diapering... yay hippieness

Steph said...

We decided to cloth diaper and I am SOOOO glad! First, it is way cheaper. Second it is WAY cuter! Also, I don't know anyone who would want to wear paper underwear so why should a baby? I made the mistake of using disposables on a weekend trip and will never do it again. We had so many poop blowouts which NEVER happens in the cloth.

Raquel said...

@Mama D- I have no life and will be "distance learning" in January so I have nothing but time. I really hope BFing works out for me, if not I am going to pump until I whip my body into submission.

@Steph- I love saving money! gDiaps are pretty cute. Dude, I used the paper underwear argument on Hubs! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Check out the link below, it was really helpful to me when trying to decide/know what to expect with cloth.

Brandi said...

I think it's awesome that you're cloth diapering - I'm not a mommy yet (not planning for several more years while hubby is in grad school), but we plan to use gDiapers. Luckily my hubby puts up with my crazy, and he's a hippie too. Hippies rock!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I hope to cloth diaper our kid whenever my body decides that it wants to get knocked up. Although, are daycares okay with cloth diapers? Because I will probably only have two months before I have to head back to work.

Raquel said...

@Anonymous- Loves it. It was super hard to find a real person who uses them vs a blog paid to review products.

@Brandi- Lucky! J is the most closed minded person ever. I had to relieve him of any responsibility of changing diapers for the rest of time (unless his new wife uses disposables or can afford to use expensive organic ones 24/7) just to get the damn gDiapers.

@Non- From what I've read from other blogs is that it depends on the daycare if they will use cloth at all. Others say gDiapers are okay since they're considered a hybrid and are much easier to use.

Brandy said...

Im planning on cloth diapering with fancy organic health food store disposibles when travelling.

I just wrote a long ass comment instead I will just blog about it.

Stephanie said...

Wow. You and J could be me and my husband. I was pushing to cloth diaper and it really freaked him out. He asked what you do with the poopy diapers and I told him you just dunk them in the toilet. He was not okay with that. I think he'll be better if we get a sprayer. I finally convinced him we should do it since I'm now staying home and he really won't have to deal with it. We're going with gdiapers too! They seemed the easiest and they really are super cute!

Nina said...

I don't have babies yet but do plan to cloth diapers when I have them. The lady I babysit for(Kim) uses them and totally turned me onto them. Bum genius is a GREAT option for cloth diapers! They have the cloth stuffers you put inside the actual diaper and thicker cloth stuffers for night time. And they snap up and down as your baby grows.
ALSO, Kim found these little sheets you can put on the diapers to catch actual turds so you don't have to go cleaning off the poop. They are bio-degradable and flushable. They are like squares of TP but thinner and a little longer. They are awesome! She found them from Mother Nurture(not sure if you have one of those). I've rambled on but there ya go. One day I'll be a hippie with you. Promise.

Raquel said...

@Nina- Bumgenius sound just like gDiapers, they have all the same features. I will love you forever if you are a hippie with me.


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