Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Have NO Excuse...Be Here Tuesdays

So if you missed last night's Teen Mom chat, you really missed out. It was epic. I have never felt so supported in my trash TV watching in my life and it's pretty amazeballs.

But there's good news! We had so much fun discussing we're going to do it EVERY WEEK. Don't judge us.


Stacy Marie said...

I wanna hear more about this insane sounding fight with Farrah and her mom..they referenced it and it sounded fierce, but never told us what exactly happened or what they were fighting over! Amber is such an over-dramatic dumbass, and I love Maci. How is $232 a month in child support remotely sufficient?

Anonymous said...

I love that Teen Mom is back! Unfortunately I don't have anything beyond basic cable and all it's glorious 23 channels, but I will be catching the online episodes if they have them. I was able to watch it though last night and Omg seriously are the biggest idiot. The other girls somewhat have it going on. Farrah's mom is pretty cracked out though. WHO shovels snow in a freaking leopard jacket!?!?!?

Ahhh MTV... love how they have the best shows.

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

soooo....the hubs and i are watching the rerun, and i accidentally said "we think amber's on state assistance"...he goes "we?"...and i said "yeah, i was texting someone about it earlier today"....NOT "um duh you missed the totally awesome group chat". so our secret is still safe =)

Brandy said...

I hope that Farrah watches herself on this show and realises what a fucking horrible person she is. All around horrid. She is vain, clueless, entitled, a horrible mother, ingrateful etc.

I do want to know more about this fight, the cops were going to shoot her mom? She was holding two knives? WHAT THE? Also didnt Farrah say last season that her mom was Bi-Polar? She said it in passing and maybe it was a joke but I wonder if theres any truth to that. I do find her mother very passive aggressive, the weird baby talk to everyone and her whiney voice.

Amber just LOVES drama.

Love Maci. Ryan is such a clueless dick he deserves everything that he gets.

Anonymous said...

umm okay why is Amber's baby still in her baby car seat when she is over a year old..Did this seem odd to anyone???


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