Friday, July 9, 2010

Etsy Sale

Just wanted to let my BFF’s know that I am having a sale in my Etsy shop. 20% OFF EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. No flyer to scratch. No coupon to try to remember. No signing up for other crap. You just get it. Poof, like that.

Oh and if you have a twitter, maybe you could tweet it? That would be fanfriggentastic and totally make my day. And I will love you forever. And invite you to Jillan's first birthday party, it's going to be FARM THEME! and we're going to have a petting zoo.


Steph said...

your stuff on etsy is adorable! however, it would be cool if you had a few boy things:) I love the giraffe paci clip (my baby boy has a giraffe nursery the crystal bling is a bit too much for a boy:)

Raquel said...

If you'd like I can make you the same clip without the bling, let me know :)

dienaid said...

Why don't I have money?! Life sucks. I swear I am going to buy some clips when I have money. I will even pretend that they're for a baby when really they're for .. me and my female cousins (both 8+ years old..)

bukaus said...

You make me wish I was having a girl, you definitly need some more boy stuff!!


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