Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teen Mom Tonight!

As usual, I'll be here 15 minutes prior to showtime! Oh and just in case I forget, Maci has still not answered my Formspring questions. Sad face x1000.


KimR said...

I wish I could participate. I think it's time to come to the realization that this "temporary" house isn't so temporary (ya know, since we've lived here a year already) and it's time to give in and get the cable hooked up.

Brandy said...

Just finished watching the show.
How does Farrah still have Sophia? She left her in the sink by herself and she burned her hand! She has Comet under the sink and Sophia is playing with the tab on the top and all she says is "leave it alone" She has her bundled up in a snowsuit in the car seat for who knows how long while she chats with her friend.
That whole family is mental.

Also can Gary and Amber come up with some new drama other than splitting up and getting back together? AND did you see all the food they ordered at the "nice" restaurant? WTF!

Betsy said...

I just watched Teen Mom. Oh my goodness BFF, it made me cry!! What an emotional one, for me at least. I'm glad they finally said something about Farrah's baby Daddy, even though you already told us what happened.
Ditto what Brady said too!

Raquel said...

@KimR- We've lived here 2 years and we still haven't put trim on so I'm no better. But Teen Mom chats are at stake. Hook that shit up.

@Brandy- We noticed that too! Isn't there like some child welfare person that likes Teen Mom and is concerned? Ambie and Gary are ridonk.

@Betsy- It was emotional for me too, since Maci wasn't on as much as usual. I'm glad they finally stopped letting people think Farrah's BD is a dead beat.


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