Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pizza Hut's Secret is OUT

I couldn’t even wait to tell you about this recipe. It’s so bomb that it gets its own damn post.
You are not going to believe this shit. J and I made this Pizza Hut Pan Pizza crust recipe and it was seriously JUST. LIKE. PIZZA. HUT. Here’s proof!

If you checked out the recipe, you’re probably like “Waaaaah? That’s a lot of oil in the bottom of the pan!” but just do it. It’s magic and ya don’t mess with magic. Besides, nothing that good is ever healthy.

J and I each made our own personal pizzas. He’s boring and went the pepperoni and mushroom route while I was a little more daring and tried to copy Papa Murphy’s Gourmet Vegetarian pizza and it was awesome. I just used pre-made alfredo sauce because I’m lazy but if you know how to cook, you could probably make your own.
Oh and just a little tidbit, make sure you buy the full fat mozzarella cheese. I accidentally bought the skim crap and the cheese didn’t do the typical, melty cheese thing like at Pizza Hut.


Brandy said...

Yeah homemade pizza! I love homemade pizza!
Find yourself some fresh mozzerella(comes in a ball.) on pizza it is basically meth.
Theres a potato pizza I used to get slices of and it had alfredo sauce on it, and rosemary I think. It was so good. Then the place changed owners and the new ones were cheap and replaced the sliced potatoes with french fries.

Theres a series of cookbooks called something like Top Secret Recipes and the guy tells you how to make various fast food faves at home. Ive made the Big Mac Sauce from there and it was awesome.

Nell said...


Brandy said...

Since you haven't updated I have to wonder if you are our having Jillian....


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