Saturday, August 14, 2010


Today is my last baby shower with J’s family and I’m so relieved to be wrapping things up and finally be able to buy anything we don’t have yet. I have serious issues about having items on the registry without a checkmark by them. I’ve been getting the shakes.

Even better news? J is nesting and I’m taking advantage of the fact that we can make some mad progress on the house. He’s even been talking about cleaning the carpets and finally putting up doors. If you have doors, you have no idea what luxury you are living in. Sooo, you I will most likely be MIA on Sunday as well.

But if you think of anything you’d like to hear me blog about, tell me. I’ve been in a total slump lately and cannot think of a damn thing to talk about.

See you all Monday!


Miranda said...

Blog about the ridiculous baby items website!! And if the shower was with Js fam, does that mean Coug was there? I'm sure you got a story out of that!

Betty Joe said...

I want to hear how you and Jordan met, more about your wedding details, growing up in Wisconsin and also about Brad and his wife. The stories that you told about them are crazy. Brad is obsessed with your husband! I want to hear more!

Samantha said...

uhm why the hell dont yall have doors?


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