Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bad News Bears

I am in a total funk right now. I don’t want to do anything. Maybe it’s pregnancy hormones or my subconscious trying to tell me I should enjoy my lazy life now because the shit is about to hit the fan and I am going to be hella busy.

Blogging has been such work lately and I’m sure you’ve noticed. Sometimes I sit in front of Microsoft Word and try to think of something to write about. I have nothing to talk about. I feel like once I have the baby then I can talk about breastfeeding and cloth diapering and being a Momma but until then, my life is so boring. All I can think about is how I should really blog about the useless baby crap website that was sent to me, but I’m just too lazy to do it. I’d rather hang doors.

Oh yeah, someone asked the other day about why the eff we don’t have doors and here’s the short version. We bought a house that was trashed and my handy husband has been tearing down walls and replacing drywall and the whole works for the past two years. Doors and trim are two of the last things and well, no one visits us anyway so we don’t really need those things. We do have doors on the two bathrooms and Jilly’s room but that’s it. I have been totally stressing about the laundry room not being re-drywalled and textured and just the general unfinishedness of the house. I mean, we have a baby coming and we need a bedroom door. And a nice laundry room. I’m pretty sure Jordan is nesting because he’s volunteered to start working on things as opposed to the epic struggle of me offering to help him, him getting mad and shit not getting done. Finally, he realizes that I’m not just being a nagging bitch, I’m being a freaked out pregnant person with a baby on the way who needs a door.

I so feel like I will be letting my BFFs down if I don’t post everyday and I don’t have something even remotely ridonk to talk about but then I realized that if I just came clean you’d get it. Blogging everyday was a HUGE thing to take on and I’ve only started to realize that it’s actually a lot. Maybe too much for a first time blogger about to become a first time mom. I mean I am about to have a lil’ nugget and between breastfeeding and cloth diapering and not knowing shit about babies I’m pretty sure that’s too much pressure and pretty unrealistic.

So, I’m going be posting less frequently in the coming weeks because I’m so lazy right now. (We’re being honest right?) And my Mom finally gets back from Alaska today (!!!!) so I want to bond with her before the baby comes and she goes back to teaching.

But fear not, Teen Mom Chatters. I would not miss Teen Mom chats for the world so no matter what a lazy sad pants Sally I’m being I will be here Tuesday nights without fail.

Oh and p the fudge s. I need to unload some of my inventory so I’m having a 40% off sale at Jillybee on Etsy. All prices will be changed to reflect the sale prices and you should TELL YOUR FRIENDS. That’s almost half off, not quite but almost. It’s just too hard to come to terms with the fact that I am destined to have a bald baby girl and be the lady who sells infant hair accessories.


Strange girl said...

I love reading your blogs and honestly look forward to them because they are so. damn. funny. but I completely understand posting less... hell, I haven't wrote a post in WEEKS! So trust me I understand.


KimR said...

I think she'll have hair. But if she doesn't you can still use the head bands.

Expressions Paperie said...

Take time for yourself, this may be the only time you get it =) When you feel up to posting more, what about some before and after pictures of your house? I love to see how people transform their homes, because I do not have a handy hubby and I am no DIY goodess, so I like to live vicariously through other people and just admire from afar.

Nell said...

raquel take a break then. But if your random nothing post are interesting. Plus you could always default by talking about jordans family... they are a bunch of post worthy. Or how it was when your mom met j's mom. Your mom in your wedding pictures looks so sweet and innocent compared to the cougs

Brandy said...

I'm going to tell you what every single person feels the need to tell me right now..."get some sleep now before the baby comes." ie:relax and take some you time.
Post when you feel like posting but don't guilt yourself into doing something if you don't feel like it.


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