Monday, June 21, 2010

You'll Tell Me, Right?

I have some ridiculous fears about having a baby. Like the fact that she might be reaaaally fugly and I won’t know it because I’m her mom. Hell, there’s even websites devoted to kids with ugly mugs. The worst part (I mean besides me knowing about these sites) is that most of those babies aren’t even ugly. Obvs I’m in trouble.

Even though I looked like a just-born kitten for my first few weeks of life I figured I was golden since Jordan was an undeniably cute baby. Hubs looked like a teeny tiny Sumo wrestler right outta the oven. No joke I’ll get a picture. He was 9lbs. 10oz. which scares me in itself but he also had jet black hair and looked like he should have born to a Chinese couple. The cute baby I remember from looking at old photo albums was 6 months old. 6 MONTHS. Crap.


Sara said...

Hahaha!! So funny! I have that fear too! Will I know my baby is ugly? Will someone tell me? What can I do about it? Ahhh! Reason enough to delay the baby-making and have another glass of wine.

hellowifey said...

OMG I fear the same thing too! I don't have any kids yet... but like that's my fear. If my baby was ugly or dumb... no one will tell you that. And as the mom, you would be totally blind to the fugliness!

Baby fugliness can be marginally offset with cute outfits (maybe... depending on the level of hurt) so I'm gonna have to save up lots of money before I have a kid... just in case! ha ha

Amber Felix said...

I was totally feeling the same way... until my baby was born, and she looked like a closed fist. Seriously, black and blue and gross (You can see her on OMGMom's blog- I was the guest c-section poster a few weeks ago). I asked my friends if she was ugly, and decided that if they said she was, I'd hate them. I'd hate them and curse their future babies. So honestly, even if THEY think your baby is ugly, you probably won't. And isn't that how it should be? Totally oblivious to your baby's appearance because you're the mom and she's just right.

Motherhood has made me pathetically sappy.


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