Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Nursery fit for a (Farm) Princess

Jillian’s nursery is friggen’ A.W.E.S.O.M.E. The whole theme stemmed from a photo I found somewhere on the internets of a shutter book holder. I wish I could find the photo but it was so random and I had been blog hopping/nursery stalking for the entire day, so no photo.

So remember that little bit about how I live in the middle of the country, like as in you can drive no more than a quarter mile in any direction and see a cow. Yeah, the country. Well I figured there was no better way than try get my little lady to get used to her little country life than to put it all over her walls. Farm theme was the ticket.

Jordan hated the idea at first but came around when he saw the opportunity to really use his skills to make the nursery come to life. See that fence, that’s real wood nailed to the wall. Those animals and tree? Yeah, totally me.

The baby armoire there? That used to be my Mom’s and it was in rough shape and in a hideous golden oak looking color. My crafty ass husband sanded and stained that beast and then replaced the hardware for me.
(Please ignore the THREE animals in the photo, I’m not ready to admit that I’m an animal hoarder just yet.)
And the shutters? In love with them. They actually aren’t even shutters (which turned out to be hella expensive) they’re closet doors. Hubs and I got them at a salvage home improvement store for $5 for both and he worked his magic once again. Viola, shutters!

This is the awesomeness that are Jillian’s closet doors. I wish you could see from the photo that the doors actually have a wood grain pattern on them. I came up with the barn door idea so don’t let the Hubs tell you any different, he just executed yet another slam dunk idea of mine.
This sign hangs above the closet doors and I made it. One of our wedding gifts was an old milk bottle from Jordan’s family farm from way back when so I thought I would be a trophy wife and incorporate the design and some of his family history into the room.
I am in lurve with this room and it would totally help if I had a baby to put in it. I’m such a lameass and we finished the room when I was only 5 months pregnant so now I have an epically long wait until Jillian can truly appreciate her room. Oh, babies don’t show appreciation? Crap.


Anonymous said...

Agh! I am so in love with those "shutter." Amazing!

Anonymous said...

totally love the tree! I was totally planning to paint cool stuff on our nursery's wall but... yeah, he's 13 months old and his walls are still blank.

Did you just use regular paint on the wall or did you do something special?

Raquel said...

I used Folkart brand craft paint and fingers crossed it's safe. Now I have to look that up.


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