Monday, June 28, 2010

Where the eff is the Babysitter's Club?

Along with being convinced I’ll have an uggo baby, I’m worried about leaving my kid with our family. Not even just his family, the people in my family members shouldn’t be left alone with small children either. Or teenagers for that matter.

Truth? My mom is the only person I actually trust to deliver my child back to me alive and if my Stepdad’s around even she will be baby banned. A child almost drowned in a wading pool in his care, not to mention my cousin who touched a grill while D was 5 ft. away. My Dad was buzzed for most of my childhood and since leaving the (every other weekend) nest his drinking is reminiscent of a college drop out. Seriously, it’s embarrassing. The last time I tried to get some QT time in with my dear ole’ Dad he took some sort of medicine cabinet street drug from my loser stepsister and knocked over a cigarette tower because he was so drunk and/or high on Ritalin. This was right after mostly sober Jordan (who was assigned to watch him) almost tripped on a bunched up rug in the HOTEL LOBBY when my winner Father yells “Woooooooooooah!” like his son-in-law is the out of control drunk. He is not a candidate for watching his granddaughter.

Jordan’s Dad is a super great father even if he doesn’t like to show emotion and his Stepmom (Oh yeah, this is a HUGE family) is beyond excited about dressing Jilly in outfit after outfit because let’s face it, baby clothes are adorable and make me want to die of cuteness. They even bought her bassinet/travel crib so Jordan and I have no excuse not to let her sleep over since they bought the crib and all. They’re sneaky ones those two. J’s Mom is awesome if you’re over the age of 18, so she can watch Jillian then.

Seriously, you’ve got the run down on our options. Do you need any other their phone numbers for babysitting?



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