Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Honky Tonk Life

Somehow I forgot to tell you about the wild night that was had this past Saturday. I'll blame almost forgetting it on the baby (Thanks again Jillian).

Jordan decided that he wanted to go to the races. Yes, you heard that right. Oh and our races aren't even like Nascar where the drivers are relatively good looking and the fans aren't complete gutter people.

Our races are on a dirt track so every time those cars whiz by you get another application of Honky Tonk "mineral makeup". Yum. And the fans! Oh the fans are the best, at least during my 4 hour torture session I can make fun of them. Like the guy who sat next to us who was AT LEAST an A-cup or my favorite lady who accessorizes her moth eaten Yale t-shirt (who are you kidding lady, you're missing teeth) with a bandanna that she probably got from a Bret Michael's concert...or a Rock of Love reunion. She's there every time in the same ensemble so I'll get a photo next time.

The first time we went this season I kept thinking about how I should post pictures and was going to bring a camera next time. Totally forgot. I even asked my sister-in-law who got drug or (drugged) out by Jordan's brother if she had a camera but she didn't or maybe she didn't want to encourage my bad habits. You're in luck though, Jordan remembered that there is another race about an hour and a half from us tomorrow night. Lucky. I'll bring the camera.

You didn't think that was it, did you? Oh no, my husband thought we should stop at one of the local bars ...with his pregnant wife. I felt ten kinds of cool.



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