Friday, June 18, 2010

Nice Try Babies 'R Us

To try to erase the shame of the Shrimp Incident I decided to start researching baby products. I was a Weddingbee addict when I was engaged…you know the leisurely time when I tossed the idea around of centerpieces before we planned (and got married) in 3 months. Anyway, a few months later Wedding introduced a new board – Nesting, where Bees who had married could chat about the new things in their lives like houses, pets and BABIES!

I love reading reviews and I’m also a huge cheap ass so not wasting our money is pretty important to me. I searched the internets for HOURS trying to find blogs and websites that would tell me whether or not I really needed that (probably stinky) Diaper Genie…and its expensive bags. For the record, no. The problem with this approach was that it was usually ONE person’s point of view so if Suzy raved about her Boppy pillow, no one made their point as to why it was a waste of your precious cash. That’s when Weddingbee saved my ass again with the Baby Products you Love (and Hate) post.

There’s nothing like getting multiple opinions and helpful advice about all that stuff Babies ‘R Us swears you need (but probably don’t). So I started my registries super early mostly so I had the benefit of even more customer reviews and it was way easier than trying to find “that piece of paper that I left somewhere, the one with the baby stuff on it”.

This was also around the time that I decided to a) breastfeed Jillian and b) make my own baby food.

Breastfeeding is super important to me because I’m cheap. Just kidding. A little bit. I really want our darling baby to be smart and healthy. If she gets a full ride to college and we save on co-pays for sick visits then so be it, not to mention formula is expensive.

I was scared into making my own baby food (More on this later) after reading this article about jarred baby food probably containing BPA in it I first-time-Mom freaked out and decided to save myself the worry and make my own baby food. And hey, if I save money by making sure little Jillybee isn’t eating food that has unnecessary fillers and too much salt, then so be it.


melissa said...

Saw your comment on OMG Mom's post and I had to stop by and check your blog - you cracked me up with the "i'm worried my baby will be ugly and I won't know it" comment. Too funny. Love the name Jillian! That's my sister's name and I think it's just beautiful!

Linda said...

Oh, you were on WB? What's your screen name there and you still hang around there?

Raquel said...

I still lurk around WB. I love the babies board but there's this one girl that I want to punch for being so damn stupid. My s/n there is FutureFisher. Let's be friends!

Stephanie said...

I'm on WeddingBee all the time! I recognize your sn. I'm Septbride26. I hope you don't want to punch me for being stupid. Can we be friends too? (Unless you want to punch me, in which case, I'll find my own friends, thanks. :))

Raquel said...

Stephanie, I totally know who you are! You're like a few weeks more pregnant than I am. We're definately friends!


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