Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mr. & Mrs.

Once upon a time a time a girl who wore jeans with a hole in the thigh because she thought it was cool met a boy with way too much hair because he was too busy working on cars to get a friggen’ haircut.

She invited him to sit next to her on an awful plaid couch in front of their friends and he said “No, that’s okay” in a Napoleon Dynamite voice because that’s how he used to talk. Seriously. Eventually the boy gave in and they fell in love.

(Don't act like you didn't use the mall booths too)

The boy thought buying and remodeling a house in the country sounded nice. The girl loved the boy and now she lives in the middle of nowhere.

(The boy and the girl mowed their lawn on the lowest setting and the grass died. More than once.)

The boy and the girl decided to get married…in two years or so. The girl found out that she was pregnant and they decided to get married a little bit sooner.

Now that they’ve adjusted to officially being husband and wife, they’re preparing to become Mom and Dad.



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