Monday, October 17, 2011


We had a long weekend man. Long. Friday we all went over to my Dad’s. My Dad really wanted us to come over to make Jordan help him work on a car… Jordan really wanted to go over so my Dad could provide dinner. They both won.

Jillian won too, she got to play with my StepMom and the cat that lives at my Dad’s. She loves cats, maybe more than me. Then again, maybe not.

Saturday we went to Jordan’s cousin’s wedding. Jillian was so behaved for the ceremony, unlike some little brat who was at least 3 years old who cried through the couple’s vows. Fucking rude, right? If I were the bride I would have just stopped and stared at the kid… and his parents. We sat in the last row so that if Jillian started in with her “angry arms” and screaming we could leave like normal embarrassed parents.

Jillian opted out of a nap between the ceremony and reception. Probably not the best choice, she was kind of a crab ass during dinner. Nothing a little poor parenting and some chocolate couldn’t fix. But I can tell you that chocolate cannot fix this kid’s ability to make you feel uncomfortable. Way to lay on the floor and be weird…and serious. This is why we have no friends besides BFF Stube.

Despite having stayed up late on Friday AND Saturday night Jillian still insisted on getting up at 7:35 a.m. Whhhhhhhhhhy? It wasn’t all bad, for the first time in her entire life, Jillian took a nap on me. She’s never done it before and so when she cuddled up to me and fell asleep I nearly shit myself. Thankfully I didn’t this time because then I would have had to move her and then the napping on me would have been O.V.E.R. Wish Jordan would have taken a picture but we couldn’t have been bothered to document the occasion, he was too busy not picking up the squirrel that the dog killed and then decided to roll in/on. He went to finally pick it up and it was gone. My guess is that she dragged it somewhere in the pricker bush because the dog reeked to high hell and was covered in burrs. This would be the most reasonable explanation but Jordan still insists a large bird found it and took it. I bet it took it to the pricker bush.

Sunday night I took Jillian over to FIL and SMIL’s house. I didn’t really want to go when they invited me since Jordan would already be working so I would have to go alone but they bribed me with food. There was dinner AND pie. Okay, and pie to take home too. Oh and ice cream. And homemade applesauce. Don’t judge me. Okay, you can judge me a little, I just judged me.

How was your weekend? Pie filled like mine?

Also, are the comments not working? I have noticed that I haven’t really gotten any comments. If they are not working then I guess don’t comment and I will figure out how to fix it. If they do work, then for the love of Christ, throw me a bone.


Maranda said...

I'm a bad blog reader... Google Reader is my BFF, so I always forget to comment. Even though I love me some blog comments myself. Shame.On.Me.

Steph said...

same as the above person.

also since I don't actually know you I worry if I comment a lot you'll think I'm a stalker.

does your family know you have a blog? I wish I was brave and outspoken like you but my whole family reads my blog so I'm a wuss and just mostly post baby pics.

Cinderelly said...

I usually only comment if I have something to say. I really should be better about that.

So, after such a family filled weekend, do you have a tendency to avoid them for a week or two after? I know I do.

I'm also curious as to whether or not your family reads your blog. Does Jordan read it and what does he think of it?

Raquel said...

@Steph- No, stalk me, I'd like it.

@Steph/Cinderelly- No one from either of our families read my blog but I know a few of them know one exists. Jordan doesn't read it. He's not interested in my life when I tell him face to face, so I don't expect he would want to read about it.

KT said...

I had pie this weekend- key lime pie to be exact. :-)


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