Friday, October 21, 2011

Mall Rats

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday and the day before too I think. Yesterday I was so busy. BFF Stube and I spent FIVE HOURS at the mall. Five. It’s not even like we have a good mall here either, like the Mall of America, we have a normal run of the mill mall. We do however have a children’s area in one of the wings* where they have a cushy floor and things for kids to crawl on and around. Jillian and BFF Stube’s daughter played for almost the entire time we were there while BFF Stube and I judged people. It was fun for everyone. We had lunch there and we probably could have had dinner there too and Jordan came before work to watch Jillian play.

There were a few time where some other kids almost knocked Jillian down but thankfully they just missed her. Lucky for them anyway because I would have pushed them down if they would have. It’s weird when you become a mother and all of a sudden you have the animal instinct to protect your young. Like a bear. Jillian really likes pushing BFF Stube’s umbrella stroller around and today some brat tried to take it away from her. Once BFF Stube told her to back off (but in a nice way because she’s nice. I’m not) she ran off but later sat in it. Maybe she thought my baby has superhuman strength or something and could push her 8 year old ass around but she was wrong. The girl is just sitting in there while Jillian is like “Get the eff out kid! I can’t push you!!” while I’m telling BFF Stube that the girl has a few more seconds to pop off before I help her out or yell to her mom to watch her kid. Like WTF do these people really think they can just sit on their iphones and play with apps or do whatever it is you do with an iphone and not watch your kid? Another kid almost kicked Jillian in the face and her grandmother (or insanely old mom) was right next to them. She got a good dose of stank eye while I grabbed Jillian and saved her from a black eye.

In the middle of our mall we have a jumping contraption. It’s like a slingshot type unit and kids seem to like it. Not BFF Stube’s kid though. She’s afraid to jump. One time I convinced her that she could do it and we got her all psyched up to do it and then once she was in the gates she was crying and begging to leave. Whoops. She likes to watch other kids jump though and I like to watch the jumping contraption operator. We call him my “boyfriend”. He looks a lot like Jordan. I will take a picture of him on Monday and I will do a side-by-side.

Are you a mall rat? Or the more pressing question, do you have a "boyfriend"?

*You’re thinking wings?? What? It cannot be that crappy of a mall if it has multiple wings! And I would have to tell you that whoever designed this mall is stupid and likes excersize and instead of having a regular mall this mall is like an “X” shape so you have to walk all over the damn place and you are SOL if you forget something or park on the wrong side.



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