Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nooooo! A tooth!

Jesus! It’s Tuesday already? I don’t even know how that snuck up on me since time goes by in slow motion when your baby is cutting three teeth at a time. Three! Oh God, please give me the strength to NOT RUN AWAY this week.

Jillian’s first tooth came in around two weeks before her first birthday. This is pretty much how it happened…

Three teeth. One week. Between the crying and whining and Jillian’s general pissed off-ness I really wanted to run away. Whining is the WORST. Crying I can deal with, crying can generally be remedied by food or a nap usually but whining is a different, patience testing story. I know when I’m in a whiny mood ain’t nobody going to fix anything and everyone is going to suffer right along with me. Unfortunately my Mom cast the “I hope you have a child just like YOU!” curse and whining is the kiss of death. Are any of you under that curse too?

I hear it’s normal for babies to cut one on the bottom then one on the top then another on the bottom but Jillian has decided that cutting teeth the normal way and being within the chart for height are just not for her so she does things a little differently. Like cutting her first three teeth all in a row on the bottom. Now it looks like she is working on a row of three on the top. One has just barely popped through and I can already see the next two just under her gums. Greaaaaaaat.

I use Hyland’s teething tabs and Oragel if things get really ugly. Sometimes a pickle just to keep her whiny mouth busy and gnawing. Any advice for other teething remedies? Jillian is apparently to cool for teething rings or frozen washcloths.


Becca said...

I appear to have one of Cletus the Slackjawed Yokel's kids, as his teeth seem to be coming already at 4 months! Because of this, he isn't 100% there with the whole putting things in his mouth skills, and so trying to give him something to chew is futile!

Apparently I was a good baby. Mean Mum didn't curse me with the same.

JC said...

Good luck!
H didn't go for the rings or wash clothes either so we ended up getting these sticks and loved them. We will get another set for BC#2.

Brandy said...

Soooo..I shouldn't mention my daughters molars and how they make her other 8 teeth coming in seem like fluffy bunnies and rainbows? She got the 8 teeth all in 2's and it wasnt too bad, some camilia did the trick sometimes we needed tylenol and just anything to gnaw on.
The molars though...the molars cause her to stop whatever she is doing amd howl until her face turns purple, arch her back, clench her fists and howl like she is on fire. It makes me cry. She likes frozen blueberries and frozen fruit slices in one of thos mesh fruit things seem to be soothing. If she will take them because getting her attention while she is in that much pain is not easy.
Sorry Jillian has decided that all her teeth should come in all at once..total suckballs.

LauraJane said...

awwww :( Poor kiddo (and momma!)

Kelli said...

Motrin! Lots of Motrin!


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