Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Save Money...on Diapers

I like money. I like saving it even more. So if you have a baby that uses diapers (and you do) you should RUN, not walk to your nearest Babies R’ Us registry area and get yourself some February 2011 issues of Parents magazine. Or any waiting room with Parents magazine. Inside are 20% off diaper coupons good for AmazonMom members.

So you’re living in the 90’s and don’t know what AmazonMom is? It’s a FREE program through Amazon where you save your ass 15% on diapers, wipes and other expensive monthly baby expenses AND another 15% for agreeing to get regular deliveries, either one box of diapers every 3 months or more realistically, two or three every month. Oh, that pot’s not sweet enough for you yet? Duuuude, you get FREE two day shipping too.

And not that any of you have gobs and gobs of cats like me, but you can save money by subscribing to get cat food deliveries too. I’m sure there are more items to save on, anything with the little “Amazon Prime” icon.

*I’m not getting paid to pimp out the AmazonMom program but if anyone asks, I would most definitely love FREE stuff. Like a Roomba maybe? Oh and don’t tell Babies ‘R Us that I loiter there and steal their magazines, even though they’re free.


JC said...

Love AmazonMom too! Life saver, and we are going on 14mo with little H! You can get toys and other items with it too! And the more you spend the longer your subscription is! Awesome!


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